Working languages:
⦁    Georgian
⦁    English
⦁    Russian

Presentation Types:

⦁    Duration: 15 minutes, followed by 10 minutes for discussion.

⦁    Presentations in this case take the form of printed posters.

Registration Request:

⦁    Title of presentation
⦁    Resume must contain no more than 100 words, in English.

⦁    Abstracts will be published in the form of proceedings.
⦁    Abstracts must contain 1 page, format A4, in English.

⦁    Original papers will be considered for publication in journal of Georgian National Academy of Sciences “Matsne” and Azerbaijanian Journal “Chemical Problems”. The Journals are reviewed by “Chemical Abstracts”.
⦁    Paper must contain no more than 4 pages, format A4, in English.

Detailed information on how to produce abstracts, posters and papers will be reported lately in the second circular!!!

Download First Circular (*.pdf)

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